Is YouTube the way to kick-start your music career?

Yes, Is it possible to start a music career on YouTube

Start music career on YouTube without money it’s possible. Okay! Here are some real facts of life, smaller musicians in this world constantly strive for attention and more often strive for more quantity, than bigger musicians who have essentially passed that and are now focusing on how to better their quality of music. Start music career on YouTube without money it’s possible.


Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen and so many more, are popular names of singers who essentially started their career by YouTube. YouTube on its own is a constantly expanding platform, and as more and more musician’s take to YouTube to make their voice heard the more they grow.

How To Kickstart Your Music Career - YouTube

That’s not to say that general hard work and all round performance arts will eventually die out, but to really diversify and kick ass, with your fan base, whether you are a rock band or heavy metal or just simply playing out of your mum’s basement. Music is a difficult industry great musicians like Ed-Sheeran would have to play in subways for years before he actually kick started his career when someone posted a video of him on Youtube.

Furthermore, there are many companies that search the web for talented young musicians and eventually sign big time record deals with them. You can find many useful products at here to get inspired from some quality music and phenomenal musicians’ work.

YouTube may very well be the way forward for the music industry itself is very inviting to change and as any struggling music artist knows a proper quality over quantity ration is incredibly tough, that’s where social media platforms and media sharing apps come in. Although there are some drawbacks, and I’m not saying that YouTube is also entirely perfect, like any great thing there are advantages and disadvantages, the main condition being that although these platforms can really diversify your music, however it can also serve the purpose of completely derailing your music career altogether, public criticism is the worst problem for anyone on YouTube or other platforms as they may already know, it’s like I said before you must change with the times which indirectly means you must do what people want you to do!

Is it possible to start a music career on YouTube?

Moreover, some artist tends to make money from YouTube, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but at the same time you are basically giving up your quality of music. Have you ever seen a music video with ads? The music industry may be tough but you must never compromise on the music, excuse me if I sound too Lucius Lyon but I guess what I’m trying to say is music has always come from the heart and it should always continue like that whatever platform you choose to express it.

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